Tiling A Fireplace Step By Step

Tiling A Fireplace Step By Step

Tiling a fireplace could a best upgrade for your home. It is okay to believe that tile surrounding fireplace can improve the temperature and can make it more balance. Besides it, it also embellishes the look of your fireplace. It will take time when you are going to install tiles surround it. However, it will be worth it when you can do by your own as you may not need to prepare budget to hire professional tile installer for small space in your fireplace. Hence, these are tiling a fireplace steps to steps you need to learn and care about when you are going to have DIY fireplace tile:

  • The first step you have to do is to draw your fireplace so you can get the whole picture of your fireplace overview. There you can count how many tiles you should have prepared before you install them. The number of tiles depends on the tile size you want to choose. Thus, get the design first as the overview and count how many tiles you need for your fireplace
  • Once you have bought the tiles and the materials you need for installing tile for your fireplace, now you are ready to start installing the tile. The second steps you have to do is by putting the basic material as the glue that is made of cement or other special materials that are specially designed for tiling. You can also mix by yourself by mixing all materials together and make the base as smooth as peanut butter. Make sure that you can create the smoothest surface for installing the tiles.


The next step is installing the tiles one by one from the outer side of the fireplace. Put the tiles carefully and when you are done with the outer side, you can move to the legs of fireplace and the upper side. Then, install inside of fireplace. The last part you have to do is the art tile you can put in the upper side of your fireplace.

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