How To Do A Kitchen Remodeling On A budget

How To Do A Kitchen Remodeling On A budget

Are you getting bored with your kitchen look? It’s dilemma when we want a brand new kitchen to get new atmosphere. What makes us so confused is when we are in a position where we have to face two similar cost but so different in levels. New and remodeled kitchen have similar cost. There are some services serving various price for remodeling kitchen. Average cost for minor remodel is about $20,000, while major remodel is almost $60,000. It has been counted for general part usually remodeled by customer. If you don’t have that much money, try these simple ways to press kitchen remodeling on budget:

  • Make sure you do aware with your limits. Structural changes will spend much cost. Some changes such as moving the door and the sink will cause an additional plumbing and electrical work.
  • Take a look on cabinet. Cabinets usually change one-third to one-half of total kitchen remodeling on budget. It’s included coloring or making up the shape of cabinets. Installing new cabinets will automatically forces you to have new flooring too. Try to replace creatively and placing little new stuffs on the exiting box in your cabinets.
  • Try tile and laminates for counter-tops. Laminates are great and mimic granite and stone. There are many laminate sold with varied patterns of granite. It will resist staining, scratching and chipping. Lowe’s has many tile and laminates with price started from $80. It will keep your kitchen remodel cost down.
  • Vinyl options for flooring, it won’t make your floor look so two-bit using vinyl than ceramic which is more expensive than others. Nowadays, vinyl has been designed more durable and natural like wood or tile. Beside its longevity, vinyl also gives breeze and edgy and unique look.


Embarking on kitchen remodeling sometimes make us daunting. We will be unconsciously so protective to our budget on this. But, if we have great and ripe calculation. Kitchen remodeling cost will keep down and we still save a lot of money for other needs.

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