Brilliant Home Office Organizations Ideas

Do you share your space with your home office? It has been common thing in small house when homeowners should share space and only needs to have bookshelf or even a cupboard as the room divider. Space sharing is not something strange and it is good as long as the ideas are neat and easy to apply. Bringing your works to your home might sound horrible as you have to think of more jobs in home where you should take a rest and relax. There are so many disadvantages of working from home. But if it is required and you have to take your office work home, then try to make your home office relaxing and neat. You can enjoy your work more at home and you don’t need to put yourself in stress because of messy desk because you have good home office room. Relaxing and neat home office organizations don’t need huge space or even coming with great entertainment, but you just need this idea.


Know your space need

The most important thing when you want to organize and set your home office is the space you need. You have to have adequate space for your work. You may share your home office with living room or even with your own room as long as you can share the space properly. What you have to think of when you are considering space need is the activities whether you need workspace, reference and office supply. The one that knows it well is only you. Thus, considering it thoroughly should be first thing when you want to organize your home office.


Divide the space into three spaces

The first space should be your workspace where you need table and chair with sufficient space for your PC and other office products you may usually need for your work like pen, paper, speakers or book note. The second space you need to think of is the supply space where you will use it as storage like paper, pens, inks for printers and other supplies you need for your work. The last space is the reference. Why is it important? When you have difficult work and confusing answer for your job, reference could be the best solution to find the right answer when you are confused.


Put stuff you frequently use near your desk

Never try to put daily needs far from your desk. If you often use printers, put it near your desk and make sure that it is easy to reach. Put the papers near to the printers also so you don’t need to struggling move to print documents. If you rarely use scanner, you can put it under your desk and take it when you only need it. You also have to think about the wires, books, papers on your desk. Maybe, you need to make cable organizers such as printer cable, charger, USB driver, or even OTG wire to ensure that you can get them when you really need it. Make a neat organizer as simplest as possible so it will be easy to reach and put them back in the organizer.

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