Believe on Luck? Try these Living Room Feng Shui Tips

Do you believe on luck? Some people believe on that, some others don’t because they believe on effort. Being lucky is something that you cant describe why it does happen and sometimes you cannot explain that logically. It does happen in Asian countries where there are still many belief about luck and disaster. Everyone can create their own luck and avoid the havoc when they have known the belief first. In Chinese culture, Feng Shui has been one of the most believed thing by the majority of Chinese people and the most popular one is Feng Shui. It now has been worldwide popular idea especially in home design. Some people do Feng Shui their house because they want to get fruitful and spiritual energy so they can get more luck and more big opportunity to their home. One of the common rooms that is usually come up with Feng Shui is living room. Here are living rooms Feng Shui Tips you may need for your house.

The things you need to follow the living room Feng Shui are:

  • You should make your living room as comfy as possible and also make sure that it looks so pleasing
  • There must be ventilation and glass window or any that can allow sun shines to your living room. It is believed that living room with no sunlight could have bad luck and hard to get lucky opportunity
  • When you are going to install sofa in living room, you have to make sure that you can look directly to the main door when you are sitting on sofa.

Things you should avoid for living room Feng Shui:

  • Never try to put soda near to the window
  • Don’t use L sofas
  • Never put painting that has rough sea as it could depicted hard struggle for lives

2 thoughts on “Believe on Luck? Try these Living Room Feng Shui Tips

  1. I have Feng Shui in my living room. I am not sure if it brings luck or not but I feel some positivity with my family after it.

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